When an existing domain name expires, it could still be renewed by its current owner for about two months after the expiration and despite the fact that it will not be active, it cannot be taken by someone else. If the domain name is not renewed by that time, however, it enters a 5-day deletion period and then it's available to the public. Throughout the deletion period anyone can send a backorder for the domain through an ICANN-certified domain registrar and the service provider will use its registry channel to attempt to register the domain on behalf of the user once it is available. As a lot of registrars can attempt to acquire a certain domain and names are acquired on first-come, first-serve basis, there's no guarantee that employing such an automated service will give you ownership over it, however this is the most efficient way to get an appealing domain as trying to register it yourself almost certainly means that you'll be too late.

Domain Backorder in Website Hosting

We provide a domain name backorder service with all of our website hosting packages and you can take advantage of it from your Hepsia Control Panel. To save you time, you will be able to arrange the list of domain names which you find by their extension, exact deletion date and length, so you will not have to go through thousands of domain names to find if a suitable one will be available soon enough. You will also be able to search for a certain word or a phrase within the domain list. If we're able to register the desired domain name for you, it'll be listed together with all other domains that you have with us and you shall be able to take care of it just as quickly. We offer the service at very affordable prices when compared to other registrars and in case we're unable to get a domain name for you, the cash will still be available in your account, so you'll be able to use it for other domains or internet hosting services.