All devices on the World Wide Web are identified by a unique number called an IP address, for instance If you have a website, the domain name that you enter to open it is to save you time, however the server where the website files are still has an IP address. Because there're many more websites and devices than there are IP addresses, all of the shared hosting servers have a number of sites under an identical IP, whereas with a dedicated server you will have a dedicated IP too. Even in the first case though, you'll be able to acquire a dedicated IP for your sites and host them on a shared server. An advantage would be that you'll enjoy superior search engine positions because a dedicated IP often means a quicker loading site. In addition, you need such an IP in case you would like to buy an SSL certificate for your site and shield the info that your visitors submit on it.

Dedicated IP Address in Website Hosting

We provide dedicated IP addresses with all our Linux website hosting packages whatever the data center location and you'll be able to buy one or several IPs via your Hepsia Control Panel. An additional section will appear in your account and you're able to request, delete or view your IPs with just a few clicks. You'll be able to decide what number of websites or subdomains will use a certain IP since you can assign one with a couple of clicks to every hostname. For instance, can be your main site, that uses a server's shared IP, while can be your subdomain where you offer services or goods on the web and it could have a dedicated IP in addition to an SSL certificate. You can change the IP that a website uses from the Hosted Domains section where you can also keep track which IPs are in use and which ones are available. You can also set a couple of of your websites to use the same dedicated IP given that there's no SSL activated for it.